About the house 162:

Location: London(HA8).

Price: 150.00 £ / Pw

We are a fun couple and friendly family with 3 good children who are adorable. Sometimes we go out to places like attractions such as historical places, picnics in the parks. You are most welcome to join us and have some fun to and have boat rides to. Be part of the family and maybe learn something new like my recipe as I love cooking and you will sure love the delicious foods I make as previous people loved it so much that asked for the recipes. Or you can have some great photos taken by my husband professional photographer.

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About the house 153:

Location: London(N5).

Price: 225.00 £ / Pw

I'm a mum of 2 daughters, age 10 and 11 yrs old. We enjoy cooking together, going out on walks to see London, museums, parks and visits church every Sunday. We are very active in our community. Lots of reading and TV in the evenings when nothing much to do. We try to eat very healthy and our main goal is to avoid preservative so we cook home made meals except pizza's. We have 2 showers and so the guest room does have a shared shower for guest/tenants different from the master bedroom. We are away for the summer but resume September 5th.

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