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What rate should I charge my students?

This is up to you. When you advertise with us, you can set your rates however you like, but to remain competitive we offer some guidelines which you can choose to follow or not.

You will see most success if you price yourself according to your area, standard of accommodation and what facilities and experiences you are willing to offer.

Most hosts or host families tend to base their rates on three price brackets. For example fullboard, halfboard or rent only. Typically this ranges from £ 125 to £ 200 if you have signed up with an agent or a school. However, with our free to list offer, you can charge higher rates and cut-out the middle man. We still take a small fee but don't have the overheads or burden of scale. So our fees are kept to a minimum. Remember to add PayPal's fee into your prices, please refer to their site for more information.

How many guests am I allowed?

As a rule of thumb no more than 2 students per household. Of course, we can’ t tell you how many students you can have in your house. Your ratings will be affected if you are seen to be crowding students into your home purely for profit because students will feedback their experience on our site for all future students to see. The British Council recommends no more than 3 per household, more information can be found here:

Who are Studenthostings?

We are an advertising agency for hosts or host families looking for students to stay at their home. We do not get involved in disputes or legal issues which may arise from bookings through our site. We try our best to minimize any disruption because it is within our interest to represent hosts truthfully so there are no surprises or disappointments when guests or students arrive. We are not an agent or a school, although we do have links with many local schools.

How much commission do Studenthostings take?

We only get paid if you do. When you take a booking under the free to list option we will take a 10% fee. This is a much lower rate than an agent or a school would take. Although they do not call it a fee some schools take as much as 50% or on average a £ 150 cut from the student. We are by far the cheapest advertising option as you dictate your own rates. What’ s more, if the student doesn’ t stay for whatever reason, we’ ll waive your fee for a replacement booking for the same period –so you only get charged once per period.

We don’ t take commission on the paid adverts. Although you have to pay more upfront, this is a one-time annual fee or monthly occurring fee depending on which option you choose. You just pay for your advert and you can post up to 8 pictures, with descriptions and all the features enjoyed in a full-profile.

Do I get all payment upfront?

Guests or students will pay for the period that they are booking upfront. Payment is sent to an escrow account –which allows students to decide if they want to stay or not and if hosts decide they do not want a particular guest(s)to continue to stay for whatever reason.

Are Studenthostings acting on behalf of a school or are they independent agency?

We are an advertising agency and as such we do not belong to any school. We represent the best hosts or host families in a given average. This way we have access to many more students and hosts than just a single school.

Are these students under the age of 18?

There may be guests who are under 18 who wish to stay, but they need to have the permission of an adult over the age of 18 to book.

You need to have an up to date dbs certificate in order to allow under 18s to book your accommodation. As well as agree to terms of use and undergo inspections arranged by the student with the school/college.

Are we BC certified?

As we are not a school or agency acting on behalf of a client affiliated with a school, we are an advertising agency. As such, we are not currently associated with the British Council, but we do recognize and recommend their guidelines. We are developing relationships with all industry and government recognized bodies.

Do I need to be CRB/dbs checked?

If you have a guest or student under the age of 18 staying in your household it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the proper checks and anyone in your household has the necessary checks before becoming a host –this is part of the terms and conditions of the use of the site. Schools will check and ensure legal paperwork is adhered to. As part of the registration process it is necessary to enter your dbs number. If this step has been skipped you will not be allowed to have under 18 year-old guests in your household.

What if I fail a dbs check?

You will not be allowed any guests under the age of 18 in your house and your profile will be limited, restricted or removed depending on our decision.

Who pays for dbs check?

It is the responsibility of the person and person(s) advertising as a host to ensure they meet all legal obligations in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom when providing rented accommodation and when dealing with minors or vulnerable people. Although schools and hosts or host families usually pay this themselves. We do not get involved in the payments since we only provide a third party advertising facility to allow hosts or hosts families to contact guests and students.

What if the student leaves?

We will not charge an extra fee if you take another booking in the same period.

How do I get paid?

You set-up your payment facility through Paypal. As such online payments are secure and protected. When a student books, they make the payment through our website and you get the payment when they approve their stay upon arrival.

Can I make a non-credit card payment?

Yes that's absolutely fine! You can make payment by cheque, or bank transfer just email us on & we'll give you the full details.

What meals do I need to provide?

You need to adhere to cooking or providing the meals, if any, that you have stated on your profile as part of the terms of use of the site. If you compromise this, or mis-represent yourself then your ratings will be affected and in certain circumstances your profile will be removed form the site.

How do I register?

Please sign-up or register here: Registration It take a few minutes and you could be up and running to take payment for your bookings immediately.

FAQs students

How much would I have to pay?

You can view the host or host family rates on the website. Each host or host family has a different rate for their particular home-stay and this is inline with what facilities, activities and type of board they are offering.

Can I meet/speak to my host before arriving?

Yes absolutely - just click on the contact button on the host profile of any host or host family. The best way to ensure that you know your host and that you are getting what you want is to make contact. We encourage this activity –which is why we have provided the facility to have a message board and contact facility between students and hosts. The earlier the dialogue starts between students and hosts, the better chance of the experience being a better one.

What if I don’ t like my host family?

Then simply let us know via email at or do not accept the accommodation on your profile log -in account and your funds will be held in escrow until you find another suitable host, where they will be released. VAT AND TAX. All transactions are bound by the trading and tax laws of your individual countries. is purely an advertising agent and as such is not responsible for any income tax evasion or avoidance schemes which the trader, advertiser, host or host family are responsible for. VAT is currently charged at 20%, by HMRC on all luxury goods and services in the UK. is owned and operated by:

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